A Second Chance

Years ago i found a roll of black plastic at the tip. I took it home and tried out a new basket making technique taught to me by American basket maker Jacki Abrhams at an Australian Forum for Textiles. She taught us how to make baskets using paper strips so i thought I'd try and use this new technique with my newly found trash treasure. This is one of the three forms  arising from that  creative research.

This is what i wrote about them when they were first exhibited in 2010.

 Made from materials sourced from my local tip, Second Chance represents that which is overlooked and deemed as fruitless in our lives.  The forms act as manifested proof of that which may not ‘ bear fruit’ can still be a relevant experience if the opportunity is given and accepted.

HMMM, nice one younger self. Now I'm left to ponder how to accept that so much that I have made and treasured is now sitting in the rubbish tip. Although these creations started off as rubbish, I find it hard to accept that they are buried and discarded.

Good bye Second Chance


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